Hello, I’m Danika and EasyFreezing.com is my website.

Easy Freezing started as a passion project. You see I love to cook, but I tend to cook way more than anyone around here can eat in one sitting.

My passion for cooking, coupled with my extreme dislike of throwing away perfectly good food, led me to become a bit of an expert when it comes to freezing food.

Freezing food, both before it’s cooked and after, can dramatically extend its edible lifespan. And while that’s wonderful, there are a few things you need to know about when it comes to successfully freezing and thawing food and ingredients.

Not all food is freezer-worthy. Some foods just don’t do well in the icebox, while others require special storage techniques to prepare the dish for freezing. There are even different ways to thaw foods that have been frozen in order to maintain their flavor and consistency.

That’s where Easy Freezing comes in! Let the information at easyfreezing.com be your guide to which foods freeze well and how to go about it so you don’t end up pitching a lot of food and dollars in the trash bin.

I encourage you to take your time while visiting the site. You’re sure to learn something new that you hadn’t thought of before regarding the freezing and long-term storage of food.

Thank you for visiting!