Freezing Cheetos: Can You Freeze Cheetos? Learn Here

Freezing Cheetos is definitely one weird concept, but you would be surprised to know that it isn’t unheard of! Whenever Cheetos is a topic of discussion, the first thing that comes to mind is the blue packaging and icy Chester Cheetah, which makes for a tasty snack.

In this article, however, the scenario is entirely different, we’re literally talking about physically taking regular Cheetos from the package, putting them in a ziplock freezer-friendly bag, and freezing them. As if it were chicken filets to eat later.

This leads to the question: Can you freeze Cheetos, and is it worth it? Do Cheetos taste as good as they should after being frozen and thawed? This article covers everything you need to know about freezing and thawing Cheetos.

Can you freeze Cheetos

Can You Freeze Cheetos?

While the idea of freezing Cheetos may be a strange one, the real question is can you freeze Cheetos?

Yes, you can freeze Cheetos. Cheetos won’t freeze solid like a liquid, but they will get very cold, leading to an interesting taste sensation. Be aware, however, that freezing Cheetos may lead to a degradation in freshness and taste if they are not stored properly.

Freezing Flaming Hot Cheetos is always exciting because one minute, you’re enjoying an icy cold snack if you eat it straight out of the freezer, and then the next, you feel the burn of the hotness within the crisps!

You can store any kind of Cheetos in the freezer, be it Cheesy Cheetos, Flaming Hot, or Cheetos Puffs. When Cheetos packages are opened, however, they are exposed to oxygen as well as sunlight, which in turn causes the loss of not only texture but also flavor over time.

So, if you have half a packet eaten but cannot consume the rest, it’s definitely doable to seal and freeze your leftover Cheetos, but you’ll want to make sure that they are protected from the cold freezer air.

In the case of impulsively having bought too many bags of Cheetos and being worried about the shelf life and expiration date, you can always pop unopened bags of Cheetos into the freezer as well!

Here is quite literally a step-by-step procedure on how one should freeze Cheetos the right way (yes, there is definitely a wrong way to do it!).

Step-by-Step Guide To Freezing Cheetos

Freezing Cheetos
  1. Start by making enough room in your freezer for the entire bag of Cheetos ( the unopened package or a ziplock bag). We essentially want to ensure nothing heavy is pressing against the bag as it will crush the chips inside.
  2. If stored in a ziplock bag, make sure to press out all the excess air.
  3. Write the current date on the freezer bag using a permanent marker, this will ensure you are aware of expiration dates and consume according to its shelf life.
  4. The final step is to place the Cheetos bag into the freezer directly and consume it within a year’s time!

If your freezer does not have enough space for large bags of Cheetos, you can use ziplock sealed bags that are freezer friendly and ensure all trapped air is removed. Just make sure to seal the plastic bag completely and remove as much trapped air inside as possible, as any excess air can cause freezer burn and aid bacteria growth.

It is quite literally that simple!

How long do frozen Cheetos last once defrosted?

Frozen Cheetos, in theory, can actually last up to a year or more in the freezer. But even when kept in the freezer, Cheetos should be consumed prior to the expiration date on the packaging.

Upon being thawed, however, the rules slightly change. Once the Cheetos are thawed, it is optimal to consume them within 24 hours of defrosting.

Refreezing these already thawed Cheetos is not advised as it will cause the chips themselves to lose their crunchy texture, making them stale and soggy, and this, in turn, affects the flavor. Imagine your Flaming Hot Cheetos being mush and not even tasting hot anymore!

How Long Can Frozen Cheetos Be Left Out?

How Long Can Frozen Cheetos Be Left Out?

Just like any other frozen goods, frozen Cheetos should ideally not be left out uncovered for more than 2 hours. This practice is advised because we want to try and prevent the growth of bacteria.

While normal Cheetos are not prone to growing bacteria quickly, ones that have come from the freezer are more likely to have absorbed moisture, making them much more prone to bacteria growth.

Furthermore, trying to refreeze Cheetos after having thawed them can also cause bacteria to multiply further.

Ideally, you’ll want to remove your frozen Cheetos from the freezer and eat them immediately in order to reduce the chance they get soggy and become a bacteria breeding ground.
See…putting Cheetos into the freezer is a real thing!

Freezing Cheetos – Final Thoughts

Freezing Cheetos, has been tried and tested. Some people claim to love it and experience no difference in taste and texture while enjoying the cold sensation. Other people, however, have talked about the staleness and soggy element ruining the overall experience for them.

My best recommendation is to try freezing Cheetos yourself, if interested, and see what you think!