Freezing Queso De Freir (A Good Idea or Not?)

Queso Frito (fried cheese) is a great and tasty treat to have, but what would you do if you have some leftover queso de freir (fresh white cheese)? Is it alright to freeze it to consume at a later date?

You can freeze queso de freir, however, the taste and texture of this soft cheese generally changes when frozen. But if you have to, you can shred or slice queso de freir then place it in an airtight container before putting it in the freezer for up to three months. 

Many people can’t get enough cheese, including queso de freir. But what happens if you end up buying way too much and can’t eat it all at once? Keep reading this article to know more about queso de freir, why freezing it isn’t ideal, and how to store it for the long term, if necessary, for all your queso frito plans.

What Is Queso De Freir? 

There’s an excellent variety of cheeses in the world, and queso de freir, a cheese often used in the Dominican Republic for frying, is one of them. 

Queso Frito made using Queso De Freir.

Queso de freir, also known as queso para freir, is a type of white cheese or queso blanco especially intended for frying. It’s popular in Mexico and the Caribbean for its high melting point and mild flavor. This cheese is often used to make queso frito, a fried cheese dish. 

Frying the cheese results in a creamy yet firm structure with a golden-brown crust. It’s also said to have a distinct salty flavor you wouldn’t get from queso blanco. 

Should You Freeze Queso De Freir? 

Often, it’s not a good idea to freeze cheese, especially soft or fresh cheese, like queso blanco and queso de freir. 

You shouldn’t freeze queso de freir if you want to preserve its taste and quality. Most producers of this cheese wouldn’t recommend freezing because doing so affects its texture. However, if needed, you can store your queso de freir in the freezer for a short time, in an airtight container. 

Ideally, though, you shouldn’t freeze cheeses in general and should instead consume them immediately.

Why Should You Not Freeze Cheeses?

As we’ve mentioned, freezing cheeses is often not a good thing. You could end up with crumbly or soggy cheese, especially when the cheese is soft or fresh. 

You shouldn’t freeze cheese because it affects its quality, mainly its taste and texture. This happens because ice forms and expands within the cheese in the freezer. This ice melts when thawed, making the cheese crumbly and negatively affecting its taste. 

However, some cheeses freeze better than others. For instance, store-bought cheddar, pecorino romano, and parmesan are hard cheeses that stay good in the freezer compared to soft cheeses like queso de freir and queso fresco. Even hard cheeses, however, may develop a weird taste over time, though. 

How To Freeze Queso De Freir

Although we’ve talked about how freezing can affect the quality of queso de freir, it’s still the best way to keep the cheese long term. Before you freeze it, though, make sure that it’s still safe to eat. 

You should slice or shred the queso de freir before freezing it. Then, place the sliced or shredded cheese into an airtight container or a freezer-safe bag. Keep in mind that you can only freeze it for up to three months.

If you want to thaw your queso de freir, take it out of the freezer and leave it in the fridge for a day or two to allow gentle thawing. Before consuming, again, make sure that it looks and smells okay. 

Can You Freeze Queso Blanco? 

As stated, queso de freir is a variation of queso blanco or white cheese. Queso blanco spoils quickly. Hence, it must be consumed right away or stored correctly. 

You can freeze queso blanco similar to queso de freir. However, the cheese becomes crumbly due to the moisture that freezes and melts when frozen and then taken out. If you have to freeze queso blanco, you must put it in an airtight container for no longer than two or three months.

If you’re ready to eat the queso blanco, thaw it overnight in the refrigerator first before exposing it to warmer temperatures. This helps preserve as much of the quality and texture as possible. 

Find out how to make fried cheese using Queso Para Freir.

Final Thoughts 

Throwing out good cheese like queso de freir is a waste. Thus, it’s understandable if we want to preserve it by freezing it as long as possible. Cheeses like queso de freir or queso blanco may not be their best after freezing, but it does keep them safe for consumption longer. 

The best you can do when freezing queso de freir is to store it in an airtight container and thaw it gently in a fridge before consuming it. These steps help preserve its quality, especially the texture, for as long as you can. However, you may still find differences in taste and quality once it’s frozen and thawed.