Can You Freeze Vodka? (Yes & No…Explained!)

Does vodka freeze? We have all tried it, especially in college. You might have put that bottle in there for days waiting for it to get at least a little slushy.

You can’t freeze vodka in a regular freezer. The freezing point for alcohol is -16°F (-26.67°C), which is somewhat out of range for standard household freezers. Moreover, using commercial freezers to freeze and consume alcohol can be dangerous, as alcohol is a vasodilator. 

In this article, I’ll explain how to properly store vodka and how to ensure this liquor remains perfectly chilled. I’ve also included some ideas and tips for making frozen vodka drinks.

Can You Freeze Vodka? (Yes & No...Explained)

Can You Keep Vodka in the Freezer?

You can keep vodka in the freezer, but it won’t freeze. Vodka gets thicker as the temperature lowers, making for a nice texture in shots. However, good vodka with complex flavors and aromas will lose its character when kept in the freezer. Contrastingly, cheaper vodkas become more drinkable.

It’s difficult to freeze vodka under normal circumstances, yet it’s not uncommon to store vodka in the freezer. Many prefer this as it leads to interesting shots and makes the liquid cool and refreshing.

How To Store Vodka Properly

It’s fine to keep vodka in the freezer without any serious consequences, as long as you’re prepared for the loss of flavor. 

Here's how to store vodka properly.

However, if you don’t wish to sacrifice taste, here are some tips for how to properly store vodka:

  • Vodka should ideally be stored at room temperature. Some experts believe it should even be kept at a lower temperature than this. 60-65°F (15.56-18.33°C) is generally considered the best storage temperature
  • Vodka should be stored in a cool, dry place. 
  • Keep vodka away from direct sunlight to avoid oxidization. 

What Is the Best Way To Make Chilled Vodka?

Of course, storing your vodka at room temperature doesn’t mean you have to drink it at room temperature. There are many simple ways to ensure your favorite liquor is nice and chilled.

The best way to make chilled vodka is to put the bottle in the freezer one hour before consuming. This brings the vodka to a pleasantly cool temperature, perfect for shots or mixing. Some people prefer to leave it in for two hours to ensure it has reached that perfectly chilled point.

The best ways to make chilled vodka.

Other simple ways to ensure perfectly chilled vodka drinks include:

  • Add ice to your beverage.
  • Cool the bottle in the refrigerator (although this will take much longer than the freezer).
  • Make frozen jello shots.
  • Make delicious ice-based vodka cocktails.

Steve the Bartender on YouTube has over twenty years of cocktail-making experience and shares his chilled-vodka cocktail knowledge in this video:

How Can I Chill Vodka Quickly?

So, you’ve acquired a taste for freezing-cold vodka, and your friends will arrive soon. However, you forgot to put the bottle (or bottles!) in the freezer. Everybody has their hearts set on some nicely thickened and chilled vodka shots before the big night out, and you feel awful for forgetting! What can you do?

To chill vodka quickly, wrap the bottle in damp paper towels in the freezer. The moisture from the paper towels evaporates and freezes quickly, helping to chill the bottle and the vodka inside faster than the cold air alone. It usually takes only a quarter of an hour to reach cold bliss. 

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Can I Freeze Vodka Jello Shots?

Jello shots are a fun alternative to traditional shots. They’re easily made with jello powder, water, and vodka (or any type of liquor). But, how about freezing them? 

You can’t freeze vodka jello shots. The vodka won’t solidify in a regular freezer, and gelatin is also a complex substance to freeze. On top of this, the flavor is significantly weakened and the gelatin could expand. This might crack any container the mixture is in.

If you want your jello shots to be ice-cold, you can put them in the freezer. Jello shots are best when not frozen, so check on them regularly and remove them from the freezer once they’re at the optimum chill point.

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Final Thoughts About Freezing Vodka

Ice-cold vodka is an adventurous way to enjoy the beverage. It’s cool, refreshing, and more delectable to those who don’t like vodka’s flavor.  

However, suppose you’ve purchased a good-quality bottle such as Grey Goose. In that case, you really are putting those complex flavors and aromas to waste by putting it in the freezer. 

Doing this basically takes a lot of the flavor away, and that’s why it’s the preferred option of those frugal students drinking cheap bottles with a nasty taste!

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