Freezing & Thawing Oat Milk (The Ultimate Guide)

Oat milk has understandably grown in popularity over the last few years. As far as vegan milk is concerned, nothing can beat its excellent flavor. You might be wondering whether or not there’s a way to prolong the shelf life of your favorite milk substitute. For instance, can you freeze oat milk?

You can freeze oat milk to preserve it for up to six months. However, you should keep in mind that the texture of your oat milk will become slightly grainy after being frozen. Shaking it very well before use will help rectify this unpleasant texture.

If you’re interested in freezing your oat milk, you’re in luck. The rest of this article will tell you everything you need to know about freezing this vegan milk replacement so you can enjoy it for even longer.

How To Freeze Oat Milk

Suppose you want to freeze your oat milk to prolong its shelf life. To do this, there are certain steps you must follow to ensure that you do things correctly. These tips will help you keep your oat milk fresh for a long time.

Freezing & Thawing Oat Milk (The Ultimate Guide)

When freezing anything, it’s important to take freezer burn into account. This can happen when food and beverages are not sealed or stored correctly in the freezer. If you want to avoid damaging your oat milk’s taste and texture, you should consider investing in an airtight container or only freezing cartons that haven’t been opened yet to make sure it stays sealed.

Some people prefer storing their frozen oat milk in airtight containers because they’re more reliable than cartons. When transferring the beverage into a container, you should leave an empty space of about an inch at the top.

This space accounts for the expansion of water in the milk when it freezes. Leaving that little space will prevent your container from breaking in the freezer. It’s also important to note that if the space you leave is too little, removing the oat milk from the container might be a daunting task later on.

You can use glass or plastic containers, but remember to label it correctly to avoid confusion.

Another way to store your oat milk for freezing is inside its original carton. Again, ensure that the carton is well sealed before storing your milk and label it with the storage date.

These are the two main ways to store and freeze oat milk. However, keep in mind that oat milk will undergo a major texture change after being frozen. While freezing it can allow you to keep this beverage fresh for a lot longer, it might not be worth it if you’re picky about its texture.

One way to solve this texture problem is to run it through a blender after your oat milk has been thawed out. You can also use a handheld mixer, a whisk, or a simple fork to blend it back together again. This step is a matter of personal preference and equipment availability.

How Long Does Oat Milk Last?

Oat milk lasts up to a week in the refrigerator after being opened. However, if your oat milk is shelf-stable and hasn’t been opened yet, it can last for months in your pantry. You should always check expiration dates to keep track of how long your oat milk can last.

Several factors such as temperature affect how long oat milk will last. However, the main factor that determines its shelf life is whether or not the carton has been opened.

If the carton or container is open, the milk will not last long. It can last up to seven days in the fridge, but this time frame may vary depending on the brand. If you intend to freeze oat milk after opening it, avoid leaving it at room temperature for any length of time.

If the milk carton container is unopened, it might be unnecessary to freeze it. This is because some oat milk brands put out products that are “shelf-stable”, meaning they can last for a few months without being refrigerated or frozen.

However, not every oat milk brand is shelf-stable. If this is the case, your oat milk should be refrigerated and not stored in the pantry. You can prolong its shelf life by storing it in the freezer using the tips I provided in the previous section.

How Do You Thaw Out Oat Milk?

To thaw out oat milk, you should move the beverage from the freezer and let it thaw out in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. If you’re in a hurry, you can let it sit in a warm bowl of water for about 20 minutes. After it is thawed out, make sure to mix it thoroughly to correct the texture.

If you’re not in a hurry and have chosen to go with the refrigerator method, it can take up to eight hours for the process to be complete. You can also leave it in the refrigerator overnight if you intend to use it in the morning.

Another option is to place the container with the oat milk in a bowl of warm water for about 20 minutes. Ensure the container is airtight before placing it in the bowl to avoid water from getting in. After thawing, make sure you consume the milk before ten days to minimize the chances of it going bad.

The freezing and thawing process can change the milk’s texture and make it grainy. To help reduce the graininess, try mixing it using a blender or mixing tool. You can also try straining it using a nut milk bag or cheesecloth. This will help eliminate the granules.

How To Tell if Your Oat Milk Is Bad

Just like with regular milk, oat milk can go bad. However, it can be difficult to determine this after freezing your oat milk because it can last longer than its expiration date in the freezer. It’s important to recognize when your oat milk has expired to avoid getting sick.

Here are some signs that your oat milk has gone bad:

  • It has an unusual color. Your oat milk should be creamy white. If you notice another color after freezing for a while, this could indicate that your oat milk has gone bad.
  • The texture is no longer smooth. Sure, the milk changes its texture after freezing. However, there should be no lumps if the milk is still fresh. You may also notice that the milk is slimy or thick.
  • There is mold in the carton. If there is mold inside the carton, you should throw out your milk right away.
  • The milk has a strange smell. If you notice an unusual odor coming from your oat milk, it’s probably an indicator that the beverage has gone sour.

When it comes to determining whether or not your oat milk is spoiled, you should always follow your instincts. If you notice any of these signs, you should trust your gut and just toss it out to avoid an upset stomach.

Oat Milk (People Also Ask)

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about oat milk.

What Can You Use Oat Milk For?

Oat milk is a direct replacement for cow’s milk. You can use this beverage for anything you would use regular milk for, and you can use it as a one-to-one substitute.

You can use oat milk for:

  • Making overnight oats
  • A foundation for smoothies
  • A creamer for coffee or tea
  • Cereal milk
  • Baking

Can You Turn Oat Milk Into Ice Cubes?

You can turn oat milk into ice cubes, which is helpful for making smoothies and adding extra creaminess to your iced coffee, tea, and other chilled drinks. You can also add it to hot oatmeal to cool it down without making the dish watery.

Freezing oat milk in an ice cube tray is a great way to make the most out of this vegan beverage. It’s also super convenient and saves space in your freezer.

Can You Refreeze Oat Milk?

You can refreeze oat milk, but this is not ideal because the texture will suffer greatly. You should avoid freezing oat milk more than once to keep it from becoming chunky or grainy.

To avoid wasting any oat milk during the freezing process, try freezing it in smaller containers sized for individual servings. This way, it’s easier to thaw out what you need and save the rest for later.

Can You Freeze All Dairy-Free Milk Substitutes?

You can freeze all dairy-free milk substitutes the same way you would freeze oat milk and regular cow’s milk. However, it’s important to note that freezing milk substitutes can change the texture.

Other types of non-dairy milk are also safe to be frozen. Unfortunately, like oat milk, they also go grainy after being stored for a while. Use the same methods we discussed for storing, freezing, and thawing other types of non-dairy milk.

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Oat milk’s popularity has increased over the years because of its excellent flavor and adequacy as a cow milk substitute. It can be used in a variety of different dishes and drinks. However, it doesn’t always last very long in the fridge.

While freezing your oat milk can cause some significant texture changes, there are ways to fix that. Freezing this beverage is ultimately the best way to prolong its shelf life, so you can enjoy your oat milk for a long time.