Can You Freeze Pomegranate Seeds? (Answered!)

Pomegranate seeds are a tasty addition to salads, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, and more. However, it’s not always easy to have them on hand when you want them. But what if you could freeze them?

Can you freeze pomegranate seeds?

Pomegranate seeds can be frozen and kept in the freezer for up to 12 months. You’ll want to flash freeze them first so that they maintain the best texture and taste. Having frozen pomegranate seeds on hand makes it easy to add these tasty seeds to any dish whenever you want.

If the idea of saving pomegranate fruit seeds in your freezer sounds like a good one, then be sure to keep reading. In this article, I will examine the delights of frozen pomegranate seeds plus how to freeze and thaw them.

Can You Freeze Pomegranate Seeds

Frozen Pomegranate Seeds and Dishes

Pomegranate seeds are a popular culinary ingredient. Some prefer them on their own as snacks, while others use them in recipes. Pomegranates are easy to grow in small areas, and due to their powerful flavor, you only need a tablespoon or two, depending on your recipe.

Freezing the seeds will help you stay organized and have them on hand whenever needed. Pomegranate seeds can be used as a condiment in savory dishes, adding a sprinkle of flavor to sweet and savory dishes.

How To Freeze Pomegranate Seeds

How to freeze pomegranate seeds

Fresh Pomegranate seeds have an amazingly strong, rich, and juicy flavor, and this flavor remains even when they are frozen.

Pomegranate seeds are easy to freeze, but before you just pop them in the freezer, you’ll want to flash freeze them first in order for them to maintain their best taste and consistency.

To flash freeze pomegranate seeds, you’ll want to take a baking sheet and line it with parchment or wax paper. Next, place the seeds on the tray taking care to space them apart, so they aren’t touching. This will keep the seeds from freezing together in a clump.

Place the tray in the freezer for about 2 hours or until the seeds are frozen solid. Once frozen, you can place the seeds in a ziplock freezer bag and seal them up tight after pushing out as much air as possible from the bag.

Then simply place the bag in the freezer for long-term storage.

Pro Tip: If, after flash freezing, you divide the pomegranate seeds into individual portions before placing them into separate freezer bags, it will make it much easier just to pull out the amount of seeds you’ll need when the time comes.

How Long Can Frozen Pomegranate Seeds Be Kept?

Pomegranate seeds can be kept in the freezer for up to 1 year. Having said that, the seeds will begin to lose their flavor after about six months, so they are best consumed before then.

How to Thaw Pomegranate Seeds

Generally, you’ll want to defrost Pomegranate seeds before you use them. Fortunately, the seeds are small, and they thaw quickly.

The most common way of thawing pomegranate seeds is to simply set them on the counter at room temperature, where it will take about 30 minutes for them to defrost.

If you are in a rush and don’t want to wait that long, simply run cool water over the bag the seeds are stored in. This way, you’ll be ready to add the seeds to any dish or treat in just a couple of minutes.

The truth is, you don’t even have to thaw frozen pomegranate seeds at all. Frozen pomegranate seeds are a fantastic cold treat during the hot summer months. Just pluck them from the freezer and eat them frozen.

Treats That Can Be Made With Frozen Pomegranate Seeds

So, now you know you can freeze pomegranate seeds, but you might be at a crossroads about what exactly you should do with them.

The following are just a few delicious recipe ideas you can make using your frozen pomegranate seeds.

Cocktails with Frozen Pomegranate Seeds

Treats That Can Be Made From Pomegranate Seeds

This cocktail is made with pomegranate, grape juice, raspberry or strawberry-flavored vodka, cassis, and ice.

Blend all ingredients in a blender, then pour the mixture into your glass. Garnish it with a handful of your frozen pomegranate seeds for a delicious and beautiful cocktail.

Yogurt Bites from Frozen Pomegranate Seeds

This frozen pomegranate treat is extremely healthy compared to other desserts, and you only require 3 ingredients to make it (sugar, plain Greek yogurt, and all the seeds you want to use).

These three ingredients should be mixed in a small bowl, then spooned into ice cube trays, and placed in the freezer for a few hours for a frozen treat. You can also just chill it in the fridge until you’re ready to eat.

The only hard choice you have to make about this dessert is whether to eat it all at once or save some of it. If you like the first option, only make as much as you can eat at one time. But if you want to keep enjoying the treat for several days, just make extra and put it in your freezer.

Smoothie with Frozen Pomegranate Seeds

You can use pomegranate seeds in a variety of smoothie recipes. Pomegranates in fruit smoothies are becoming increasingly popular. Smoothies are a nice and fun way to enjoy frozen fruits in general.

You can aid digestion by taking a mix of ginger, cloves, and pomegranate juice along with some plain Greek yogurt, frozen pineapple, banana, and pomegranate seeds. Blend them all up and enjoy!

Did you know that you can even freeze smoothies?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about pomegranate seeds.

Do Pomegranate Seeds Taste Good When Frozen?

Frozen pomegranate seeds taste great. Many people eat the frozen seeds as a quick, healthy snack.

Frozen or thawed pomegranate seeds are versatile and can be used in practically any dish. People who consume a lot of pomegranates prefer to keep the seeds frozen so that they can flavor or garnish their food with them whenever they want.

How Long Can You Freeze Pomegranate Seeds For?

Frozen pomegranate seeds should be stored in the freezer for no more than six months. Anything longer than that will cause the seeds to lose their flavor.

Is There Any Other Way to Store Pomegranate Seeds?

In addition to freezing, you can keep excess pomegranate seeds sealed and hydrated in a glass jar if you buy too many pomegranate arils (seeds) at once.

Are Pomegranate Seeds Good for You?

Pomegranate seeds are high in nutrients (particularly vitamin C), making them great to incorporate into your diet for their health benefits. Pomegranate seeds freeze extremely well and are easy to use in smoothies, fruit salads, and more.

They are an excellent everyday snack because they can be easily stored in the freezer.

Watch how this mom opens 75 pomegranates and freezes the seeds.

Can You Freeze Pomegranate Seeds – Final Thoughts

A lot of cuisines benefit from the addition of tasty and nourishing pomegranate seeds. Freezing pomegranate seeds allows them to keep much of their flavor while extending the amount of time they can be stored.

The fact is that it is so easy to freeze pomegranate seeds that you’re sure to want to have some tucked away in the freezer at all times!