Can You Freeze JUST Egg? (Yep, Here’s How)

JUST Egg is an egg replacement commonly found in the refrigerator section next to the chicken eggs at your local grocer. JUST egg must be refrigerated at all times, but can you freeze it? 

You can freeze JUST Egg. Freezing doesn’t impact the texture, taste, or overall quality of the product. However, freezing doesn’t officially extend the shelf life of the product and you should still consume it within the time frame specified by the manufacturer. 

The manufacturer doesn’t list freezing liquid JUST Egg as a recommendation. However, it has been attempted and seemingly successful by users. Still, there’s another option if you would rather be on the safe side. 

Freezing JUST Egg

The manufacturer of JUST Egg doesn’t explicitly state that the liquid JUST Egg can be frozen. However, many users of the product have frozen, successfully thawed, and eaten it without any issues. 

Can You Freeze JUST Egg? (Yep, Here's How)

That said, freezing JUST Egg does not extend the shelf life of the product, per the manufacturer. Some JUST Egg users find that the product keeps in the freezer for up to a year; however liquid JUST Egg cartons have a “best by” date imprinted. JUST Egg directly states that their products should not be consumed beyond the expiration date. 

Additionally, JUST Egg has more than a “best by” date to follow. After opening a cartoon of JUST Egg, it must be consumed within a specific time frame. You must eat JUST Egg within four days of opening, so it is best to plan out recipes before opening the bottle. 

Note: Since the manufacturer of JUST Egg doesn’t have any official guidelines for freezing their product, their recommendation of using it by the “best by” date is most likely to protect the company from any liability issues if you choose to freeze it for longer.

JUST Egg Frozen Alternative

Following the success of JUST Egg liquid egg replacement, the company added a frozen alternative to their product line up called JUST Egg Folded. Just like the liquid variety, it’s plant-based.

While they share many of the same ingredients, there are a few differences between the two. First, JUST Egg Folded has more calories than JUST Egg, thirty more calories, to be specific, and slightly higher carbs but it also has two grams more of protein, which some may say is a fair trade-off.

JUST Egg Folded offers versatile cooking methods. They can be prepared by skillet, oven, or microwave. You should place it in the toaster on the bagel setting. In 6 minutes or less, JUST Egg folded is ready to eat. 

For those who are wary of preservatives, JUST Egg Folded has an advantage over the traditional, liquid JUST Egg as it contains no preservatives.

JUST Egg vs. Chicken Eggs

Some people wonder if egg replacements are better than chicken eggs. Indeed, liquid egg replacements are a solid alternative to chicken eggs, particularly for vegans and vegetarians who may find it challenging to consume enough protein on a daily basis.

JUST Egg has five grams of protein per serving, while a large chicken egg has six grams of protein. JUST Egg has a higher sodium content than chicken eggs but contains absolutely no cholesterol. On the other hand, chicken eggs contain approximately 200 mg (0.007 oz) of cholesterol and have a higher fat content.

Freezing Chicken Eggs

Yes, you can freeze chicken eggs. You can opt to freeze the whole egg or freeze the yolk and white separately. Either way, you should whisk the egg before storage. You can freeze raw chicken eggs for up to a year. 

How To Freeze JUST Egg

Fortunately, it is easy to freeze JUST Egg. You can simply put the whole unopened carton of JUST Egg in the freezer. This is truly a no-fuss method, requiring no separating, messes, or extra utensils. The downside, however, is that it can take quite a while to thaw out the twelve-ounce carton.

Further, you will be forced to use the whole carton once it has thawed; it is not advisable to freeze, thaw, and then refreeze JUST Egg. 

If you prefer to have JUST egg frozen in small proportions, you can elect to use other methods when freezing. People have had success freezing JUST Egg in ice cube trays and freezer-safe lidded containers, which allows the flexibility of quickly thawing only the amount you need. 

Thawing JUST Egg

Fortunately, thawing JUST Egg is incredibly easy. Simply take the carton or container you froze JUST Egg in and remove it from the freezer. You can leave it out to thaw at room temperature if you plan to use it as soon as it’s thawed. However, if you’re not in a rush, you can let it thaw a bit slower by placing it in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight. 

Where To Find JUST Egg

Now that you know how to freeze JUST Egg, you may be wondering where to find it, and rightfully so. JUST Egg was widely welcomed and quickly grew in popularity. 

Due to its initial success, JUST Egg is now available at many grocery stores, not just specialty grocers. You can find it in stores ranging from Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme to Kroger and Walmart. It is even available on Amazon here. JUST Egg and JUST Egg Folded are both reasonably priced. 

Watch this video to get a closer look at how JUST Egg is prepared.


While some users have successfully frozen, thawed, and eaten JUST Egg, it is not suggested or recommended on the manufacturer’s website. Conversely, consumers who want a frozen egg replacement should consider JUST Egg Folded, a freezer product that is quick and easy to prepare.