How to Freeze & Thaw Alfredo Sauce (Without Spoiling)

Alfredo sauce is creamy, cheesy, and a perfect addition to many foods and pasta. You can make the sauce at home or buy it from your local supermarket. This type of sauce, however, often goes to waste. So if you want to reduce waste and keep your delicious alfredo sauce to use for another meal, you might think of freezing it—is that possible, though? 

You can freeze Alfredo sauce, and you can freeze it for around three months without spoiling; it helps you avoid waste and save money. Unopened store-bought Alfredo sauce lasts around 6–8 months, so whether you prefer to buy it or make it yourself, you can freeze it and reuse it.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of how to freeze Alfredo sauce, how to thaw it, and what to safely freeze the sauce in. 

How To Freeze Alfredo Sauce

To keep the flavor and freshness of your delicious Alfredo sauce, make sure that you freeze it soon after you’ve cooked it or opened the jar. If you leave your open Alfredo sauce in the fridge for longer than a day before freezing it, you’re not going to experience the best flavor once thawed. 

How to Freeze & Thaw Alfredo Sauce (Without Spoiling)

Allow the Alfredo Sauce To Cool to Room Temperature

Allow your Alfredo sauce to cool down before attempting to freeze it. Once it is at room temperature, you can start preparing to freeze it. Remember, once it reaches room temperature, make sure to freeze it quickly to prevent quality loss.

Portion Out the Alfredo Sauce

If you’re freezing leftover Alfredo sauce enough to use for one more dish, continue to the next step. However, if you’ve cooked or bought a large amount of Alfredo sauce to use for a couple of future meals, don’t freeze the sauce altogether in one container. 

Once you’ve thawed your Alfredo sauce, you can’t freeze it again with good results. So, if once again you have leftover sauce after you’ve thawed it out and reheated it, the best you can do is to put it in the refrigerator and plan to use it again for your next meal. Otherwise, you will need to throw it away.

One way to avoid waste is to portion your Alfredo sauce out according to how much you’ll need for your next meals and freeze the portions individually. 

Pour the Alfredo Sauce Into Resealable Freezer Bags

Pour your Alfredo sauce into a large resealable freezer bag. If you plan to portion out your sauce, you’ll want to use smaller individual freezer bags instead. 

Before sealing the freezer bags, remove all the air from them. Leaving air in the bag with the sauce will cause it to spoil faster, whether you keep it stored in the fridge for a few days or freeze it in the freezer for a few months. 

You can fold the resealable freezer bag just above where the sauce sits (don’t fold too low; otherwise, the sauce will squeeze through the fold and make a mess outside of the bag) and then press the folded part of the bag flat onto your table’s surface, removing the air, before sealing it closed. 

Label the Resealable Freezer Bags “Alfredo Sauce”

Once you’ve removed the air and sealed your Alfredo sauce, go ahead and label it. Write down the sauce’s name on the resealable freezer bag so as not to mix it up with your other sauces. Also, add the date to know how long the Alfredo sauce has been in your freezer. 

If you don’t add the date to the sauce bag, you may forget how long the sauce has been in your freezer. If it’s been in there for longer than the recommended 3 months, your Alfredo sauce may no longer be safe to eat and can make you sick if consumed. 

If you have several sauces in your freezer with different dates, you should put the freshest sauce behind the other sauces to use the older ones first. By doing this, you’ll reduce wastage. 

I’ve found that you can use these Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Crayons (available on to write on your resealable freezer bags, as they won’t peel off, fade or smudge in the freezer. If you want to reuse the bag you stored your Alfredo sauce, you can wash off the writing with dish soap and water in order to make it ready for your next ready to freeze dish.

How To Thaw Alfredo Sauce

Whenever you’re ready to use your Alfredo sauce again, take it out of the freezer and thaw it. The following discusses the right way to thaw Alfredo sauce:

White Alfredo sauce on ravioli.

Place the Alfredo Sauce in the Fridge

Suppose you’d like to make a meal that requires your frozen Alfredo sauce. Then you’ll want to plan for it ahead of time as thawing your frozen Alfredo sauce will take time. 

The best way to thaw your frozen Alfredo sauce is to move it from the freezer into your refrigerator and let it thaw overnight. By the time you wake up, it should’ve thawed out completely. You can continue the next steps straight away; otherwise, you can leave the thawed Alfredo sauce in your fridge until you’re ready to use it with your lunch or dinner. 

Heat the Alfredo Sauce in a Pot

Pour your thawed Alfredo sauce into a pot. Make sure the heat isn’t at a high temperature, as it’ll burn your sauce. Instead, keep the heat on low and stir your sauce consistently until it warms up. 

Often, thawed Alfredo sauce won’t be smooth and consistent. Slowly warming and stirring the sauce will eventually bring all the ingredients back together again, making it look and taste better. 

Thicken the Sauce 

You may find that your Alfredo sauce is a bit thinner and more watery than it was when you placed it in your freezer.

If this is the case, you can either add some more cheese, flour, or cornstarch to the sauce as these ingredients have thickening properties. Make sure only to add a little bit at a time until your sauce is as thick as you desire it to be. 

Serve Your Alfredo Sauce

Once your Alfredo is warmed up and as thick as you like it, it’ll be ready to serve with your pasta or any other desired food. 

Unfrozen Alfredo Sauce Can Last for About 3 Days

You don’t need to spend unnecessary time trying to cook up Alfredo sauce; you can buy it from your local supermarket or even off The Bertolli Alfredo Sauce comes in a pack of 3, allowing you to store your Alfredo Sauce in your pantry without the effort of having to freeze and thaw it. 

If you purchase your Alfredo Sauce in a jar and store it in your pantry unopened, you can keep it there for around 6 to 8 months. However, if you open the sealed jar, you’ll need to store it in your refrigerator and use it up within about 5 days

The same 5-day rule in the refrigerator is true with homemade Alfredo sauce. However, if you intend to freeze it, make sure to do so within 1 day of making your Alfredo sauce. 

If you’d rather make your own white sauce, the video below will show you how to make a freezable Alfredo sauce in just a few minutes.


If bought in a sealed jar and stored in your pantry, your Alfredo sauce will last the longest (between 6 and 8 months). However, it has a reasonably long lifespan of 3 months if frozen promptly and kept in your freezer. 

If you’ve made homemade Alfredo sauce or opened your sealed sauce, you’ll need to consume the sauce within 5 days. 

If frozen, make sure to portion out your Alfredo sauce into individual resealable freezer bags because you can’t refreeze it once thawed. Add the sauce’s name and the date onto the resealable freezer bag.